Work From Home Opportunities

The possibilities are endless! Seriously. If you have been considering working from home, there are now more work from home opportunities than ever before.Work From Home

That’s good news, because many of us feel like we need another source of income. Do you have days when you really don’t want to go to work? Maybe you feel trapped in a job with no job security, or you’re looking for a job, or your family just needs extra income to make ends meet.

There are definitely real work from home possibilities, so let’s look at a few good options…

Online Teacher

Have you taught before? Not really? Do you have any skills or talents that you would LIKE to share with others?  Most colleges and schools have strict requirements as far as experience and education level.  However, if you have knowledge or skills that you could share with others, you could set up your own internet classes, charge a fee and work from home.

Once again, the possibilities are endless, There are so many classes and tutorials out there on the internet. Do you have any special skills or knowledge, such as painting, gardening, internet marketing, web design, or speaking a second (or third) language?

You might want to visit or to look at online courses that people are willing to pay for, as well as free classes.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help businesses and clients with many business-related and general tasks. They can help with things such as scheduling travel, Powerpoint presentations, preparing email newsletters, managing calendars, scheduling meetings, bookkeeping, social media marketing, responding to client inquiries by e-mail or phone… the list goes on and on.

Most day to day activites of a business can be handled by virtual assistants, and many businesses have their hands full, and could use some help. Some virtual assistants work from home for a company, some work as freelancers, and some even work for different businesses on a per-task basis (such as Fancy Hands, Ziptask).

Web Design

Yes, some special skills are required. However, thanks to our good friend, WordPress, it’s easier than ever to design professional websites and blogs, and most people are interested in having a website or blog.

Are you technically challenged? Good news! There are so many free or low cost courses where you can learn WordPress starting at the beginning, and there are also many free Youtube videos where you can learn how to set up and customize WordPress sites.  Once you have learned basic skills in setting up websites, you might want to continue on and learn more advanced skills, such as HTML and CSS.

So, if you are creative and artistic, you might be interested in developing web design skills. There are opportunities to work from home as a freelance web designer, as well as working for companies to design and maintain their websites.

Call Center/Virtual Customer Service

This field has been experiencing tremendous growth. There are more opportunities now than ever before to work at home as a call center agent, or provide customer service for businesses.

While these are not the highest paying work from home jobs (average pay is $9-$15 per hour), some people really love working at home in their pajamas, sweatpants, or whatever, and spending NO TIME in traffic during rush hour.

Some of the top employers for home-based customer service jobs offer benefits such as flexible schedules, health insurance, dental insurance, and paid vacation to full-time employees.

These are some of the top companies with good reviews from real people: LiveOps, Expert Planet, and West.


So far we’ve looked at a few of the options, but there are SO MANY MORE!!

Have you though about what you would REALLY like to do? Are there jobs you’ve had, or currently have, that you have really enjoyed?

These questions are very important, and you might want to grab a notebook, a pen, and write down some ideas.

One more thing to think about is what are YOUR unique skills?

In case you have dismissed the idea of teaching online based on your education level or lack of experience, there is one more step you can take before we continue on and look at more work from home opportunities.

Visit The reason is simple. You will most likely be amazed at all the different types of courses offered.

Here are a few examples: digital photography, beer brewing, soap-making, juggling (seriously!), Feng Shui, parenting skills, dream interpretation, graphic design, magic tricks, nutrition, make-up techniques, tarot card reading, cake decorating, Tai Chi, and puppy training.

Which brings us back to you, and your unique talents. Udemy is a platform that enables anyone to teach online and reach millions. There are many other platforms on the internet which offer opportunities to teach courses online, so there may be more possibilities than you thought.


Want to look at some more possibilities? Great! Read on

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